Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 48: It's mostly downhill from here

Sunday July 29:  We wanted to get an early start to beat the heat and the storms, though I did not hear my watch alarm and we ended up leaving an hour later.  Lucky for us it still worked out well both heat and storm wise.  We rode 80 miles to Hachita, the last 20 miles were against a head/cross wind.  We could see Hachita for miles and didn't seem like we were getting any closer.  We were able to find Sam's house by memory as we had camped there 4 years ago.  Sam is a nice and generous gentleman, who is a trail angel for the Continental Divide Hikers and Bikers.  Sam gave us some cold sodas and watermelon from his neighbor as we watched smokey and the bandit with him and his dog 'bear.'  Sam told us that about 45 people live in Hachita, which is filled with abandoned houses and a post office that they were able to petition to keep open, because the next closest one is well rather far away.  Sam do take care of yourself. 

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