Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 43 Tuesday July 24 Tray of Cupcakes

'Sexy and I know it...I ride my bike'
Grants to York Ranch, 49 miles.  The day started out needing to fix the BOB trailer bearing that was completely disintegrated.  Went to the Diamond G True Value, where Bert was more than kind and generous in assisting us with replacing the bearing.  When he found out that we were riding for the ADA, he told us about his nephew who was diagnosed at 5 years old and had recently passed away at a young age.  He took a break to go home to see if he would have a bearing at home, that he could get off an old bike.  We eventually found one at napa and went back to Bert at the True Value, where he assisted and donated his time to get the reminants of the old bearing out and install the new one.  Thank you Bert for your time and effort, a truly generous thing that I am sure your Nephew would have appreciated you doing for us.  So needless to say, we got a late start out of Grants and again rode into the stormy afternoon towards Pie Town, NM.  Along the way we saw a tray of cupcakes along the road, slammed on the brakes and evaluated the situation for consumption.  Unfortunately the lid was no longer on them or we (well I) would have most likely eaten them, no really I actually still thought about it even though they looked to have been through at least a rain storm.  So we rode on, lookin for some trail magic, when we decided to make it happen ourselves.  Rode into the York ranch in search of some shelter to camp and were offered the barn, perfect.  Mike, a ranch hand at the farm came out to the barn in the evening and generously offered up some of his homemade chicken and shrimp gumbo.  It was perfectly seasoned and delicious!! Thanks Mike!  Slept well on the hay, though Jen's sleeping pad had now developed a leak at the valve, which was not repairable, even with duct tape. 

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