Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 46: Come on down, you are the next contestant on the ...

July 27:  57 miles from Beaverhead Work Center to Mesa Campground at Lake Roberts.  Today I will say I actually felt like I was loosing weight as we rode, this was probably the hottest day thus far and a few times the wind stopped and the sweat saturated our jerseys.  This was a hard day, lots of climbing, took us 7 hours 30 minutes to go 57 miles.  We rode through some beautiful country in the Gila Wilderness with tall ponderosa trees and a lush forest, thanks to the fires they have had in the past.  So we get to the campground, wanting to go to the store we ask our camp neighbor, Bob Barker, that's right folks, Bob Barker was at the campground!  He told us the store was another 4 miles down the road and generously offered to give us a ride as well as offering up a burrito for dinner and allowed us to use his gas stove.  Thank you Bob you are a kind hearted person and very welcoming, we enjoyed the company.  We also went to another camp neighbor who had ridden his bike to silver city and then back the next day.  Albert is a retired teacher, just getting into some bike touring.  It was nice talking with you Albert.  The next morning Albert presented us with a check for a donation to the ADA, thank you soo much Albert, let us know when you make it to New Hamsphire!
After eating Bob's burrito and some of our own food we were also invited over to Joe and Sara Jean's camp for some burgers and dogs.  You two are some kind souls thank you for the great food and the company.  It was nice to be around all these nice and generous folks, what an uplift for the last 160 miles. 

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