Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 44: Wed. July 25....Time to eat some Pie!

We saddled up early at the ranch to rope the calves, actually to get to pie town, nm, where yes they have pies!  For the inquiring minds, the pies came before the name of the town.  We got to the Daily Pie Cafe at 1055am, just at the start of the lunch menu, which is what we wanted.  After devouring a steak sandwich and fries and Jen devouring a gigantic burger and fries, we set our sights on some pie al a mode.  I went with the blueberry and Jen went with the triple berry, yuuuummmmy!  We learned that the pies are made with the healthier lard and not crisco, which is full of unhealthy hydrogenized trans fats.  The pies were delic!  While at the cafe, we met  2 riders from Denmark at the cafe, Kim and Anders, talked with them about our experiences up to this point and about the last couple hundred miles there is to go.  They were some nice chaps and were going to stay in Pie Town at the toaster house, while we were going to put in another 30 miles to the USFS campground.  We stopped at the toaster house to reminisce about our stay there 4 years ago and signed the book.  We ended up riding a total of 60 miles to the Valle Tio Vinces Campground in the Gila Wilderness, where we actuallyhad cell service.  We knew once we reached Pie Town the end was not far and thoughts of finishing entered our minds at times along with the emotions that come along with finishing such an adventure. 

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