Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meeting up with Friends and Snow

We are very excited that our friends Jason and Laura are planning on meeting up with us around southern Montana the end of June, which is just Awesome!  We are expecting to take a day off with them to visit Yellowstone, they are planning on camping with us, though they will not be riding.  Another friend will possibly meet up with us in Salida, CO when we arrive there sometime in the middle of July.  As for the snow part, right now there is still a significant amount of snow in Canada as they have had an average to slightly above average snow year.  We are hoping that with rain and warmer temps most, if not all the snow will be gone by the time we start.  We will continue to monitor the snow as it may have an impact on our ride in one way or another.  
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Donation Link

So here we are with about 6 weeks to go.  There have been some questions about the donations and donation link.  The donation is in the right hand column, if you double click on the link it will take you to our team page on the American Diabetes Association website.  Then click on 'Support Doug and Jen' this will take you to where you donate monetary funds.  The minimum you can donate is $5 on the site and you can use credit card or paypal to do so.  Any amount is appreciated.  Thank you.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

7 weeks to go.....

Ok folks, 7 weeks from today we begin our divide ride.  Some of you may or may not know that Jen and I have a history with the Great Divide.  It was 5 years ago that Jen and I were invited to join a friend of mine, Keith Cunningham and his friend Nat to tour the divide route.  On the second day Jen crashed her bike, breaking her collarbone and sustaining a concussion.  We took at Greyhound bus over a thousand miles to end up 300ish miles from where we were to spend some time in the Yak, MT. (the greyhound bus trip is another story for another time)  In 10 short days, Jen was ready to ride again and we rode another 900+ miles before circumstances made for our need to exit.  This has never left our minds or hearts, the divide gets into you and you can't get it out, you just have to find someway to appease it and live with it.  Now we are going back for some unfinished business with a strong drive, determination and the will to experience this great ride.