Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back in New Hampsha with the Bike Pahked in the Yahd

So we have made it back home to our girls and boys here in New Hampsha!  We are back to sharing our bed with 2 large Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs.  Just like sleeping in a narrow space in the tent, except with puppy dog smell instead of the interesting odor we had emanating from the funkified tent (i think it was Jen).   So a few things from the trail, I believe that the washboarded roads that we encountered quite often were developed by Dentists.  Yea that's right Dentists, because I am certain that my fillings and crowns have been rattled loose and require some dental attention.  I was also able to develop some talent, I was able to master the following while riding:  reading the map; unfolding and folding the map; taking the camera out of the case on my handlebar, taking the lens cap off, taking a pic, lens cap back on and put the camera away (without dropping it); eating; texting; listening to voicemail; talking on cell; drinking; adjusting Ipod; videoing.  List of talents NOT mastered:  no handed riding (almost crashed on the last day); relieving myself while riding (especially into a head wind, what a mess).  
We enjoyed the aspect of being outside everyday and being somewhere different every day and night.  Our focus was where we were going to sleep, what we were going to eat, and where we would find more water.  Our minds and bodies really went into a more primitive state, more of a survival mode.  We got to eat whatever we wanted to eat, all while losing weight.  Move over Biggest Loser, we have a new reality show, Ride, Eat, and Ride Some More...You will lose weight and gain only calluses on your buttocks.  Doesn't get any better than that!
We feel like we are on an award show with all the thank you's we have.  So grab a drink and something to eat and stick around for awhile.  Okay, we don't want to miss anyone so we would like to send out a sincere, BIG THANK YOU to all of you who offered up a donation which assisted in exceeding our fundraising goal, those of you along the divide that we encountered, everyone following our blog, as well as our house sitter Chelsea and her lovely family Amy and Dezi.  We were truly humbled by the generosity of strangers and acquaintances alike, there are some truly good people in this world, those people include YOU!  We feel extremely grateful to have had this opportunity and very much appreciate our employers for allowing us the security of returning to jobs that we both really enjoy...Thank you Louis and Lois!

All in all we had an AWESOME time, what a GREAT freakin ride!!Until next time....remember chamois butt'r is not to be ingested nor used as a facial lotion, it is of course the savior of chafing.  And only apply with your non-dominant hand in order to avoid certain embarrassment of rubbing it on and eating with the same hand.  
It is better to travel well than to arrive.


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